resistWe resist in the name of Jesus, whose miraculous appearance on this rabid globe we anticipate this Advent season.

What are we resisting?

We resist all forms of racism and xenophobia, in the name of the One who reminded us to love our neighbor as ourselves.

We resist those who erect walls, fences, and legal boundaries against persons they regard as “others,” remembering the One who defined neighbor as the one who reaches out to all in need.

We resist those whose ignorance of Islam compels them to hate, fear, and attack Muslims, forgetting that Christians, Jews, and Muslims are members of the same family of the God of love.

We resist those who threaten and demean our LGBTQ sisters and brothers, remembering the One who opened his heart and arms to all people.

We resist those who treat women and girls as sex objects, second class citizens, and pets to be physically evaluated, paternalistically embraced, and unnecessarily protected. We resist because we dare not forget the One who was strong enough to be challenged and corrected by the Syrophoenician woman he tried to ignore, and whose Resurrection was first announced by a woman he loved and respected.

We resist those who invade the sacred spaces of those whose religion they demean, among them the righteous who defend ancient water rights at Standing Rock; because we follow the One who came in the name of God’s love and justice for all people.

We resist those who build great fortunes at the expense of the poor while forgetting the One who loved the poor and told the rich to love God more than their possessions.

We resist politicians who cut taxes for the rich while slashing or eliminating programs that support the health and welfare of the poor; because Jesus kept reminding the rich how much God loves the poor.

We resist super churches and religious institutions who seek to turn God’s house of prayer into gigantic profit centers; because such behavior turns Jesus from a meek and mild savior into a raging flagellator of religious frauds and opportunists.

We resist all manner of evil against our human sisters and brothers.

And we resist our own sinfulness that causes us to forget that this is a time of waiting and anticipation for God’s loving intervention into our rabid world, in the name of One who loved all people and called upon all people to love one another as we love ourselves.

We resist.

Come, Lord Jesus.

About Philip E Jenks

Philip, a synodical deacon in the ELCA Metropolitan New York synod, is a retired communicator for American Baptist Churches USA, the U.S. Conference for the World Council of Churches, the U.S. National Council of Churches, and two Philadelphia area daily newspapers. He and his spouse, the Rev. Dr. Martha M. Cruz, are the parents of six adults and are members of St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Rye Brook, N.Y. They live in Port Chester, N.Y.
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